Tridem Halfpipe

Halfpipe HP 30



Tridem Halfpipe
Halfpipe HP 30

HP 30 tandem Halfpipe

Tractor drawn earth tippers have become very popular in recent years. Civil engineering companies have learned that in rough and boggy terrain powerful tractor-trailer combinations are superior to commercial lorries, because the combination keeps going where a four-wheel drive truck gets stuck. Besides, these units offer clear benefits on the cost side over trucks and dumpers. KRAMPE earth tippers boast a massive design that has proven tremendously well in the most arduous conditions for so many years.

Today's high-tech tractors are able to deliver 300hp (220kW) and beyond. Doing so, the challenge has always been to translate higher outputs into superior performance. Not so for Krampe.

When HP 30 tridem halfpipe was introduced it was clear that this was a serious machine. The 7m long halfpipe is opening up new opportunities for transport applications.

Always pioneering into unchartered land, Krampe was the first manufacturer to mount a halfpipe on a tandem-axle running gear. The Halfpipe has become a familiar sight on public roads and construction sites, where it delivers a number of substantial benefits: The Halfpipe has become a familiar sight on public roads and construction sites, where it delivers a number of substantial benefits:
- The tipping ram is located on the front wall, where it tips the body at minimum effort while minimising torsion between running gear and halfpipe.
- Thanks to the special halfpipe design, bulk material slides at a shallower angle along the sides during unloading, which eliminates the risk of dents to sides and floor when hauling rocks and boulders.
- Bulk material automatically slides to the centre of the halfpipe as it is unloaded, a process that improves trailer stability during dumping.
- The body is almost entirely made from HARDOX 400 steel and 6mm sheeting, i.e. extremely wear resistant steel. Providing an outstanding elasticity, this steel eliminates any risk of dents in normal operation.
- The curved body design eliminates the need for axial and transverse beams and as a result boosts machine payload even further. After all, money is made only during full hauls.

Its high-quality running gear ensures that this professional tipper will put its foot down when going into the rough. The hydraulic chassis flotation system provides superior stability while the long suspension travel ensures excellent flotation in difficult terrain. The hydraulic force-steered axle keeps on track even in the most arduous conditions.

This monster trailer comes into its own when pulled by a modern tractor.

Overview of benefits

- Intelligent design, low dead weight and high payload
- Low dead weight through the use of high-tensile steels
- Superior stability thanks to hydraulic chassis flotation system
- Tipping ram of enormous lift powers minimises chassis torsion
- Low centred gravity as sub-body bearers are eliminated
- Innovative Halfpipe design offers large range of benefits
- Tailgate with pivoting side or hydraulic tailgate
- Wide range of optional specifications
- Great choice of tyres to suit a variety of applications



Halfpipe HP 30


Environmental protection and sustainability

Each Krampe trailer is a high quality product and sustainable already thanks to its longevity. Find out how we produce red tippers in a green way.


Technical data: Halfpipe HP 30

*1 Eigengewicht und die Nutzlast hängen von der jeweiligen Ausrüstung ab.
*2 In Deutschland sind Stützlasten von 3 bzw. 4 t nur bis 40 km/h erlaubt. Bei Schnellläufern ab 40 km/h gelten teils niedrigere Stützlasten. Es darf die zulässige Stützlast des Zugfahrzeuges nicht überschritten werden.
*3 Einzelachslast 10 t nur bei Achsabstand 1,81 m zulässig. Beratung erforderlich.
*6 Die technische Nutzlast ist von Fahrwerk und Bereifung abhängig.

Dimensions: Halfpipe HP 30

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