The First Push-off Trailer in Proven Krampe Quality

The RamBody combines both innovation and robustness, providing excellent driving comfort. The RamBody is our response to the growing demand for reliable horizontal unloaders, both practical and field-ready. Let the results of two years of development work and thousands of hours of prototype testing convince you. Discover the benefits that result from the combination of innovative unloading construction and one of the best chassis on the market.

The RamBody models expand our range with an additional product category that is reliable in Krampe quality and value-stable

With the EU type approval, we already meet the requirements of tomorrow today.

RamBody - "Quality on Wheels".

Our push-off trailer
is like no other.

A vehicle in proven Krampe quality. The RamBody combines both innovation and robustness, providing excellent driving comfort.

Made for you.

We provide you with a customized trailer that is tailored specifically to your needs. Thanks to short paths between design and production, custom-made products can also be planned and implemented without red tape.


GVWR to Ger. Law:
22.000 kg / 40 km/h

Transport volume:
36,3 m³


GVWR to Ger. Law:
31.000 kg / 40 km/h

Transport volume:
43,0 m³

Carrier Als Carrier-Model erhältlich
Individual Individualbau erhältlich

Made in Germany

Our vehicles are manufactured in our factory in Coesfeld. Thereby we rely on the long-standing experience of our staff as well as the latest production technologies.

A well-thought-out modular construction system and robotic welding systems enable customized solutions and a constant high product quality.

Our team ensures close contact to dealers and users. We listen carefully and let the gained knowledge be integrated in our products – quickly and unbureaucratically.

Krampe acts sustainably and proclaims its production site in Germany.

Volumenheckklappe RamBody

For Even More Volume:
The Optional Volume Rear Door

The Volume+ for the RamBody increases the overall vehicle volume by an additional 2.5 m2. It ensures full compatibility with all common attachments and cargo securing systems in the RamBody series. For those who already have a RamBody in their fleet, the volume rear door can be retrofitted easily.

The volume rear door comes with a hydraulically folding underride guard. During the unloading process, the underride guard automatically folds, preventing any cargo from resting on it.


Load Securing and More

RamBody Accessories.

For Even More Productivity and Safety.

We build (almost) everything because we are not a volume manufacturer but experts in individual solutions. In our accessory portfolio, you will find various attachments, grain chutes, and load securing solutions.

The Perfect Solution for Every Application!

The running gear plays a supporting role.

Krampe running gears are not bog-standard components. The Krampe engineers are known for their competences in terms of running gear. They optimally adapt every running gear to the desired application.

Almost all tippers can be approved for different speeds up to 80 km/h.

BPW axles are mounted as standard in our vehicles. The overhead brake cylinders are an innovation which is currently only available by Krampe. Conceived by us, made for us.


Krampe offers a comprehensive range of drawbars, running gears and tyres. Let our product experts advise you!

To the sales team


The core of the push-off trailer is the push blade
on the moving floor unit.The narrow designed tunnel
in the middle protects the five double-acting
hydraulic rams from damages.

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