Art.-No.: 66.590

BRUNS Kommunalcontainer

Art.-No.: 66.020

roll-off container Big Body

Art.-No.: 66.400

roll-off container Halfpipe

Art.-No.: 65.250

roll-off container standard

Art.-No.: 66.610

container with aluminium blanks

Art.-No.: 66.300

container as loading-plattform

Art.-No.: 65.800

roll-off container / bare sledge

Art.-No.: 66.500

container as tank

Art.-No.: 66.00Bruns

Container zur Brennholztrocknung

Art.-No.: 66.00X


Art.-No.: 66.700

Container with Tebbe spreader

Art.-No.: 66.25X0

stackable container

Art.-No.: 66.25X1


Art.-No.: 66.25X2

waste container

Art.-No.: 65.250_city

roll-off container city system

Art.-No.: 66.25X3

container with top

Art.-No.: 66.25X4

container with crane

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