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RamBody 900

Push-off trailer



Push-off trailer
RamBody 900

For this type of vehicle: Individual vehicle construction possible
Modular system, 40 km/h version

Chassis: Chassis made of large-volume rectangular tube 250 x 100 mm/ suspended, height-adjustable drawbar eye for low hitch position, flanged 80 mm ball head coupling/ hydraulic support foot with double-acting ram, 6/2 way valve to combine support foot <> hydraulic rear tailgate/ anchor points for tow rope at vehicle rear/ 36 t parabolic springs with trailing arms and dynamic compensation, mounted on the axles for optimum ground clearance/ BPW axles with automatic slack adjusters, version with two caster steering axles (at front and rear) with axle pressure discs, the overhead cylinders enable a very high ground clearance

Body: The body is being screwed to the chassis und is thus dismountable/ screwed sidewalls 3 mm in one piece, material S355, the jet construction of the lateral sidewalls with massive stanchions and a very robust upper flange confer an enormous stability and ensure a genuine appearance/ floor sheet 4 mm in one piece, material S355/ hydraulic opening rear tailgate, lateral pressing system by means of adjustable closing wedges, locking block valve with load safety valve, additional block ball valve at front/ large discharge outlet 46 x 34 cm (W x H) with long dosing lever, usable on the right or left hand side/ stable aluminium ladder at front wall/ mudguards with a steep angle of attack and therefore self-cleaning

Push Blade: The push-off trailer is equipped with a partition wall movabe in two directions (push-off blade)/ five double-acting hydrauic cylinders ensure the powerful forward and return movements of the push blade and enormously fast unloading times/ robust, exchangeable PU sealings laterally and underneath, grain-proof version/ large inspection window made of perforated plate, punching 40 x 20 mm/ cover made of 5 mm plexiglas/ mechanically hinged harvesting flap made of perforated plate, punching 40 x 20 mm

Other: 40 km/h homologation according to type approval EU (VO) 167/ 2013/ operating instructions/ high-quality rear lights with shock-resistant lens, mounted in the lower part of the rear tailgate, LED lighting system, white front position lamps, yellow side marker lamps, rear position lights/ modularly designed rear underride guard to be swivelled upwards, shot peened frame, two-colour paint with 2-component varnish, chassis in Krampe grey, body in Krampe red, satin-finish"


This trailer (RamBody 900) is customised and can be adapted to your requirements.


31.000 kg / 40 km/h
GVWR to Ger. Law


43,0 m³ - 50,0 m³
Transport volume


147 KW (200 PS)
draft requirement


push blade

The core component of the push-off system is the push blade, which is positioned on a moving push table. The slim tunnel in the center protects the double-acting hydraulic cylinders from damage, and integrated plastic guide rails facilitate the sliding mechanism with minimal effort. The push blade is designed with a full-grid pattern so that the load can be optimally observed. The upper 40 cm can be folded down as a standard feature. The power supply is achieved through a simple and robust scissor mechanism. A clean appearance completes the overall look.


Stable body design

The folded outer rings ensure extreme stability of the structure, an elegant appearance, and the slim design increases the transport volume due to an exceptionally large cargo space width.


The optional high volume tailgate

The Volumen+ for the RamBody increases the overall volume of the vehicle by an additional 2.5 m2. It ensures full compatibility with all common assesory and load securing systems of the RamBody series. For those who already have a RamBody in their fleet, the volume tailgate can be easily retrofitted.

The volume tailgate is delivered together with a hydraulically foldable under-ride guard. During the unloading process, the under-ride guard is automatically folded in, preventing load from accumulating on it.


Simply adjusted - seals

Adjustable seals close the push blade to all sides, ensuring a grain-proof body for the pusher.


Good view to the load

The large mesh pattern of the push blade provides the driver with a clear view of the load.


Underride guard

The modular underride guard can be swung up when crossing silage piles and is approved according to the current EU type approval VO 2015/208. The screwable construction can be quickly and easily replaced in case of damage.


Small turning radius

The narrow design of the drawbar allows a significantly larger steering angle, reducing the turning radius noticeably. With the optional forced steering, the adjustable bumper can be adapted to the tractor.


Technical data: RamBody 900

Dimensions: RamBody 900

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