BigBody 800 S

Two-way tippers



Two-way tippers
BigBody 800 S

Tippers as two-way tippers are an interesting alternative, e.g. for unloading in low halls. As standard, the two-way tippers tip to the left side in travelling direction. Upon request, it can be realised on the right side.

The established Krampe two-way tippers provide the following benefits:

  • Laterally tipping tippers guarantee a maximum stability due to the full frame construction and the stanchion in the middle of the trailer
  • Long dumping bodies (up to 9 m) remain torsion-resistant due to the half-height sidewalls (clear opening approx. 75 cm)
  • The lateral rubber sealings lip at sidewalls are corn-tight
  • The lower locking shaft includes the pressure strip and the lateral discharge chute
  • The lateral sidewalls are hydraulically unlocked, a dead centre locking system ensures a safe closing
  • The lateral discharge chute serves as mudguard and at the same time as chute so that the load slides over the tyres
  • Apart from the lateral tipping mechanism, the trailer is identical in construction to the known Big Body range
  • Operating errors are excluded by a crossover plug fuse
  • The lifting height safety valve has a large flow passage and ensures quick lowering times
  • The proven hydraulic opening rear tailgate with lateral hooks and lock valve is being mounted
  • Silage extensions, foldable headboards, fall breakers etc. of the usual tippers can be used
  • All cover systems (roll-up and roll-over tarps etc.) are suitable for the usual tippers and for the two-way tippers
  • Krampe two-way tippers are said to be robust and reliable and have a long-standing design

INFO: Upon request tyres up to 30.5" (600/60 R 30.5) are possible with steering axle!


This trailer (BigBody 800 S) is customised and can be adapted to your requirements.


31.000 kg (34.000 kg) / 40 km/h
GVWR to Ger. Law


26,8 m³ - 40,9 m³
Transport volume


140kW (190PS)
draft requirement


Technical data: BigBody 800 S

Dimensions: BigBody 800 S

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