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THL 20 L Carrier

Tandem hook lift trailers


Tandem hook lift trailers
THL 20 L Carrier

Tandem hooklift trailer (roll-off tipper) with pneumatic suspension for tractors
Benefit from our long-standing experience in the construction of hooklift trailers!

Chassis: Chassis aus großvolumigem Rechteckrohr 300 x 100 mm, Zugvorrichtung für Untenanhängung mit geflanschter Kugelkopfkupplung 80 mm/ hydraulischer Abstellfuß mit doppeltwirkendem Zylinder, 6/2-Wegeventil mit Kombination Stützfuß <> hydr. Container-Verriegelung/ fabrikneuer Abrollkipper aus dem LKW-Sektor/ die besondere Geometrie des Abrollerrahmens sorgt für eine niedrige Bauweise und für einen tieferen Schwerpunkt/ langjährig bewährtes und ausgereiftes Fahrwerk mit Luftfederung, sehr gute Fahreigenschaften, hervorragende Laufruhe, Zweiblattlenker 360er Luftbalg/ Achsfangseile/ BPW-Achsen mit automatischen Gestängestellern (AGS)

Body: HYVA-Hakenliftanlage (Abrollkipper), die Ölversorgung erfolgt durch die Hydraulik der Zugmaschine. Es sind nur drei doppeltwirkende Steuergeräte erforderlich: 1. Funktion Container aufnehmen oder kippen, 2. Funktion Container nach vorne bzw. hinten verschieben, 3. Funktion Container hydraulisch verriegeln/ Betriebsdruck 200 bar

Functionality: When picking-up or tipping the container, the air bellows of the trailer are being deflated, the chassis lowers automatically and supports itself on the rear axle. This results in four advantages: The pick-up angle is reduced, the lifting capacity is increased, the negative tongue load at the drawbar is being minimised and the stability improved. The standard push arm of the hooklift system ensures additionally a low pick-up angle and enables the transport of differently long containers. INFO: The desired roll-off tipper must be suitable for the hooklift system, e.g. in terms of hook seat, locking device our container length. Let us advise you comprehensively about this!

Other: 40 km/h homologation according to type approval EU (VO) 167/ 2013/ operating instructions/ robust lamp housing with pointed roof at vehicle rear, high-quality rear lights with shock-resistant lens, LED lighting system, white front position lamps, yellow side marker lamps, rear position lights/ exchangeable, modularly designed rear underride guard/ shot peened frame/ painting 2-component paint in Fendt grey satin-finish


This trailer (THL 20 L Carrier) is equipped with a fixed, high-quality standard specification.


21.000 kg / 40 km/h
GVWR to Ger. Law


ca. 20.000 kg bei 200 bar
lift capacity


74 kW (100 PS)
draft requirement


Specialist and multi-talent

By using various interchangeable containers, the carrier vehicle can be adapted to the specific application area. This makes the hook-lift roll-off tipper a versatile and proven solution in agriculture, forestry, construction, landscaping, and municipal sectors.


Compact dimensions
and small price

We offer the THL 20 L Carrier in a high-quality, firmly defined configuration. It is characterised by a compact design and a very good price.

We were able to dispense with an additional subframe in the design and thus reduce the lift angle while increasing the lift capacity. Container lengths of 6.25 m (6.75 m with a fold-out underride guard) are possible.


High capacity utilisation

The system allows the use of various interchangeable containers with just one carrier. High utilization with reduced acquisition costs makes the THL highly cost-effective.


Safe off-road - comfortable on the road

The air suspension demonstrates excellent driving characteristics on the road and in off-road conditions. The large equilibration ensures an ideal adaptation to the ground with consistent wheel pressure. This results in excellent off-road capability and reduced traction force requirements.


Practical push arm

All Krampe hooklift trailers come standard with a telescopic push arm (stroke 1.00 to 1.65 m, model-dependent). This offers many advantages:

• Adjustment of the load on the drawbar from the driver's seat.
• Trouble-free use of containers of different lengths.
• Favorable lift angle (approximately 22° to 28°, depending on container length).
• Weight distribution for varying loads.


High level of compatibility

Since the container connection dimensions are standardized, existing or used containers can be easily used. Our hook-lift gear has clean rounded contours and is available as a height-adjustable option. An oil connection on the hook tower is also optionally available.


Picking up easy

The air suspension is lowered during the tipping process and when lifting and lowering containers. Therefore, there is no need for hydraulic rear axle supports. This results in a very shallow lifting angle, significantly improving the lifting capacity when the container is lowered.


Technical data: THL 20 L Carrier

*1 Eigengewicht und die Nutzlast hängen von der jeweiligen Ausrüstung ab.
*2 In Deutschland sind Stützlasten von 3 bzw. 4 t nur bis 40 km/h erlaubt. Bei Schnellläufern ab 40 km/h gelten teils niedrigere Stützlasten. Es darf die zulässige Stützlast des Zugfahrzeuges nicht überschritten werden.
Die Containerlänge hat Auswirkungen auf die Stützlast; ggf. ist ein ausziehbarer Unterfahrschutz notwendig. Beratung erforderlich.
*3 Einzelachslast 10 t nur bei Achsabstand 1,81 m zulässig. Beratung erforderlich.
*6 Bei längeren Behältern ist ggf. ein ausziehbarer Unterfahrschutz notwendig. Beratung erforderlich.
*7 Rollenhöhe bei Standard-Sattelhöhe von 1,15 m.

Dimensions: THL 20 L Carrier

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