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ProBody 760

Tandem-axle tippers


Tandem-axle tippers
ProBody 760

For this type of vehicle: Individual vehicle construction possible
Modular system, 40 km/h version

Chassis: Chassis made of large-volume rectangular tube 300 x 150 mm/ suspended, height-adjustable drawbar for low hitch position with flanged 80 mm ball head coupling/ hydraulic support foot with double-acting ram, 6/2 way valve to combine support foot <> hydraulic rear tailgate/ heavy Faust tipping bearings with exchangeable brass bushes, backlash-free/ hole pattern G 140 for rear trailer coupling/ 32 t parabolic springs with trailing arms and dynamic compensation/ wheelbase 1.81 m for 10 t single axle load/ hydraulic rear axle support for better stability during tipping/ version with rigid (unsteered) BPW axles with automatic slack adjusters (ASA)
INFO: In case the vehicle is ordered with the 1.81 m wheelbase, we strongly recommend a steering axle!

Body: Sidewalls 4 mm, floor sheet 5 mm, both in one piece, material quality S355/ top frame made of rectangular tube 100 x 80 mm/ waterproof welded middle and end stanchions/ huge inspection window 72 x 47 cm in the headboard in lattice structure and with galvanized cover plate/ hydraulic opening rear tailgate with automatic pressing system laterally by means of locking hooks, locking block valve with load safety valve, additional block ball valve at front/ large discharge outlet 46 x 34 cm (W x H) with long dosing lever, usable on the right or left hand side/ detachable aluminium access ladder at headboard/ strong rubber supports between body and chassis/ bolted mudguards adjustable in the width with a steep angle of attack and therefore self-cleaning

Other: 40 km/h homologation according to type approval EU (VO) 167/ 2013/ operating instructions/ robust lamp housing with pointed roof at vehicle rear, high-quality rear lights with shock-resistant lens, LED lighting system, white front position lamps, yellow side marker lamps, rear position lights/ exchangeable, modularly designed rear underride guard/ shot peened frame/ painting 2-component paint in Krampe-red (similar to RAL 3002) satin-finish


This trailer (ProBody 760) is customised and can be adapted to your requirements.


24.000 kg / 40 km/h
GVWR to Ger. Law


34,30 m³ - 40,0 m³
Transport volume


132 KW (180 PS)
draft requirement


The new Pro

The ProBody is the next big thing from Krampe.
Evolution rather than revolution. A vehicle with Krampe DNA

A new chapter - Quality on wheels!


modern body construction

The ProBody sets new standards in the appearance and construction of modern tipping bodies. The sophisticated lateral folding of the body ensures maximum stability.

The body is grain-proof and 2 meters high. The hydraulic tailgate completes the body's design.


Sloping Front Wall

The inclined front wall increases the loading volume while maintaining maneuverability and overall length.

A large inspection window provides an easy view into the body. The angle of the front wall facilitates load sliding, ensuring faster and safer unloading.


Stability and Longevity

The ProBody features a new and innovative design for its body supports. The geometry excels in stability and durability.

For the chassis, we exclusively use closed rectangular tubes made of high-quality steel rather than inexpensive pressed steel or welded constructions. This large-volume rectangular tubes saves weight, provides torsional rigidity, has no open seams or crevices, and is thus easy to clean. The tubes are welded together to be waterproof.


Design follows function

The optimized construction of the grain-proof 2 m high body design provides the ProBody with more transport volume at a lower weight.

Maximum transport volume 40 m3 (with optional silage extensions). 


Bolted Tipping Bearing

The robust design of the bolted tipping bearing ensures an extended lifespan of the trailer and reduces long-term repair costs.


Technical data: ProBody 760

*1 Eigengewicht und die Nutzlast hängen von der jeweiligen Ausrüstung ab.
*2 In Deutschland sind Stützlasten von 3 bzw. 4 t nur bis 40 km/h erlaubt. Bei Schnellläufern ab 40 km/h gelten teils niedrigere Stützlasten. Es darf die zulässige Stützlast des Zugfahrzeuges nicht überschritten werden.
*6 Die technische Nutzlast ist von Fahrwerk und Bereifung abhängig.

Dimensions: ProBody 760

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