SHL 20

Double-axle hook lift semi-trailers


Double-axle hook lift semi-trailers
SHL 20

Hooklift semitrailer (roll-off tipper): The flexible concept for special applications (38 t concept)

Chassis: Steel frame weldment made of high-quality fine-grained steels/ 2 in. kingpin screwed underneath/ reinforced pneumatic running gear in heavy duty version, single-bladed pull rod in heavy version, wheelbase 1,810 mm/ 12 t BPW tilted roller bearing axles, axle thickness reinforced to 15 mm, disc brakes 430 mm/ automatic venting of the air bellows and lowering on the rear axle during container exchange/ single-wheel plastic mudguard/ rear lights mounted above underride guard

Body: VDL hooklift system (roll-off tipper) with 25 t lifting capacity/ container lengths up to 7.00 m/ hook height 1.57 m according to DIN 30 722 part 2, different versions and many optional equipment are available for selection/ version with wireless remote control and three double-acting control units: 1st function: pick-up or tip container, 2nd function: push container forwards or backwards resp., 3rd function: lock container hydraulically. The main functions of the roll-off tipper are controlled by sensors.

Operating principle: When picking-up or tipping the container, the air bellows of the trailer are being deflated by means of a pushbutton valve, the chassis lowers automatically and lies on the rear axle. A rear axle support or a support pulley are thus not necessary. The roll-off container pick-up angle is reduced due to the lowering process. Due to the improvement of the kinematics, the lifting capacity is increased. The stability is improved due to the venting of the air bellows. The standard push arm of the hooklift system ensures additionally a low pick-up angle and enables the transport of differently long containers.
INFO: The desired roll-off tipper must be suitable for the hooklift system, e.g. in terms of hook seat, locking device our container length. Let us advise you comprehensively about this!

Other: 80 km/h homologation with individual approval/ EBS system/ pneumatic running gear with lifting-lowering valve/ LED lighting system, yellow side marker lamps, rear position lights/ underride guard/ body is being painted with a 2-component paint in Krampe-red (similar to RAL 3002) satin-finish, the chassis is painted in grey


This trailer (SHL 20) is customised and can be adapted to your requirements.


32.000 kg bzw. 34.000 kg
GVWR to Ger. Law


ca. 25.000 kg (30.000 kg)
lift capacity


Technical data: SHL 20

*1 Eigengewicht und die Nutzlast hängen von der jeweiligen Ausrüstung ab.
*6 Bei längeren Behältern ist ggf. ein ausziehbarer Unterfahrschutz notwendig. Beratung erforderlich.
*7 Rollenhöhe bei Standard-Sattelhöhe von 1,15 m.

Dimensions: SHL 20

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