Krampe Fahrzeugbau continues to grow - New sales representatives from the region for the region

The German-based vehicle manufacturer continues to be on a growth trajectory. In addition to internal modernizations such as new production halls and robot technology, many small and large product innovations were presented at Agritechnica.
To ensure good advice to dealers and customers with a growing product portfolio and complex vehicle technology, Krampe is expanding its sales team both in Germany and abroad.

The German Krampe sales team is now receiving qualified reinforcement from Malte Clever and Hannes Everding, who are serving as new regional area sales managers in Germany.

Malte Clever recently took over responsibility for the Southwest Germany region. The business graduate with an agricultural background brings extensive experience and industry knowledge from his work in agricultural machinery trade. With his expertise, the 28-year-old will particularly serve the regions of Raiffeisen Waren Zentrale Köln and Agravis Lenne Lippe.

Hannes Everding has been responsible as area sales manager for Northwest Germany since March 1st.
With his many years of experience as a factory representative for a renowned agricultural vehicle manufacturer and his experience from agricultural machinery trade, he will play an important role in servicing the Fricke Heeslingen, Agravis Technik Raiffeisen GmbH, and Lankhorst Nord GmbH regions. Hannes Everding, who studied agriculture, has never lost touch with practical aspects. "Even now, I still occasionally sit on a tractor privately and stay familiar with current topics," says Everding.

Both sales managers reside centrally in their areas of responsibility, ensuring quick accessibility for dealers and customers and deepening their knowledge of regional concerns.

The export sales team also grows with the motto "from the region for the region," aiming to enhance proximity to dealers and customers.
Since the beginning of the year, Mariusz Szczesiak has been the new contact person for Krampe dealers and customers in Poland. In Denmark, alongside Krampe sales representative Kenneth Brønner, Felix Frydendal will now be deployed as a technical staff member to provide more intensive support to dealers and customers. Another French sales representative will start work in the summer.

"Krampe has always placed great importance on the triangular relationship between customer, dealer, and manufacturer.
With our new colleagues, the on-site support of dealers is intensified, and customer communication is strengthened to ensure good advice," says Helmut Hövelmann, Krampe's overall sales manager. "We are pleased with the growth trajectory that Krampe has embarked on. And we are very happy about the support of our new and knowledgeable colleagues!"



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