New Krampe buildings – extra space and 25% more production capacity

It's not just trailers Krampe is building right now in Coesfeld, the German vehicle manufacturer is also building two new workshop buildings.
In response to the growing demand from Krampe customers both in Germany and abroad, there will be two more industrial buildings at the company premises soon. From next spring, the two new buildings will give more space for body construction and customer service.

The new production hall is approximately 3,600 m² in size. Of that, 700 m² will be used as storage space for immediate incoming goods inspections, quality control and pre-picking. It will also incorporate the foreman's offices and break rooms.

Once it's finished, all of the body construction operations will be moved into the new production hall. The welding robot will also be moved to the new hall and extended in length and height to enable the robot to weld BigBody tippers in addition to earth moving tippers. Alongside the welding robot, there will be still individual workstations for the handmade custom constructions Krampe is known for.

The new production hall not only creates more space, it also allows for improved ergonomics at the workstations. This is because the building has a good ventilation system, enabling to comply with the limit values for welding. It also has a 90 m-long roof ridge strip to provide a nice amount of daylight, and a comfort cooling system to maintain comfortable working temperatures during the summer months.

In the second hall, there will be three assembly stations for servicing and a brake testing area all in all approximately 800 m². Some of the customer service activities normally carried out outside will be migrated to the new buildings with underfloor heating, much to the delight of the team members.
New customer service offices with a customer reception area and back office for creating new spare parts catalogues, for example, will soon have their own 220 m² space. Krampe dealers and their mechanics will also benefit from the modern premises during trailer training sessions in autumn and winter.

The buildings, which are built to efficiency grade 40, will draw their heat from the neighbouring biogas plant, just like the rest of the Krampe buildings. The new production hall will also be equipped with a 500 kWp photovoltaic system, which will provide more than enough energy for the building.

The plan is to be able to start moving into the new buildings from Easter 2023.

Once the buildings are finished, the production capacity will be approximately 25 percent higher than it is currently. The automation within the buildings also provides the potential to increase production by up to an additional 40 percent.

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