New Krampe heavy duty earth-moving tipper HD 620 for heavy loads

After having launched successfully the new Krampe earth-moving tipper HD 550 in 2021, the Heavy Duty range has been enlarged by three larger models: by the HD 620, the HD 620 T with steering axle and also by the HD 620 Carrier.

The HD 620 T model stands out because of its cranked chassis designed in a narrower way at the rear and having a so-called "wasp waist". The HD 620 T is equipped with a BPW steering axle with a track width of 1.95 m as standard. Even with low-pressure tyres of a dimension of 600/60 R 30.5, an external vehicle width of 2.55 m can be complied.

The innovative running gear design enables a large steering angle and has already enthused the first customers: "Even during the first test drive, I was convinced by the manoeuvrability and the good driving characteristics of the tipper. An external width of 2.55 m and a steering axle – this is a good global package with the usual Krampe service and quality", declares Thomas Schlabbers, Managing Director of the civil engineering company Schlabbers GmbH in Issum.

The new HD 620 is also available without cranked running gear with rigid axles and as Carrier version with a firmly high-quality determined equipment. With a transport volume of 17.3 m³ according to ISO 7546, the HD 620 earth-moving tippers take approx. 1.7 m³ more than their "little brother" HD 550. Furthermore, they have with 24 tonnes a 2 tonne higher GVWR.

All vehicles of the Heavy Duty range are extremely robust earth-moving tippers with a 2 m wide flat floor sheet enabling an uncomplicated and trouble-free unloading with wide excavator shovels, and not only from the side.

The telescopic cylinder is mounted far in front of the front axle on the HD vehicles. Compared to the traditional design, the underfloor cylinder easily offers 25 % more tipping force. Heavy loads can thus be lifted and a stable position be guaranteed. Torsions between chassis and tipper are being minimized.

The conical body facilitates the sliding of the load. For extreme utilisations on construction sites, the body can completely be equipped with thick-walled sheets: the side walls up to 8 mm, the floor sheet up to 10 mm in HARDOX 450 material quality.

For the HD models, the hydraulic oscillating rear tailgate with a large opening angle from the halfpipe range, which has proved itself thousands of times, has been used. However, a narrow tailgate opening angle is also easily possible thanks to the optional sanding bar, for example for graveling roads.

The vehicles of the HD range are available with different running gear variants: with pneumatic suspension, with a running gear with hydraulic compensation or with the walking beam chassis with asymmetric axle distribution developed by Krampe and proven for decades.

For some time now, Krampe has been equipping all trailers with BPW axles as standard. Thereby, the Krampe technicians have developed a unique solution enabling to position the brake cylinders of the BPW AgroTurn steering axle above the axle beam. The membrane is thus outside of the dirt and danger area and ensures a high ground clearance on construction sites. This version is actually only available by Krampe.

The new earth-moving tippers of the HD range have already been ordered in larger numbers by the distributors and close ideally the gap between the universal vehicles "S+K" and the halfpipes.

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