Tridem halfpipe HP 30 with an external width of 2.55 m in action

This year, the tridem Krampe halfpipe HP 30 celebrates its 20th anniversary! The three-axle earth-moving tipper is also used by sub-contractors as well as industrial companies on different construction sites in Europe.

The halfpipe HP 30 can optionally be equipped with a hydraulic running gear with a Tridec three-point linkage. Front and rear axles of the manufacturer BPW are then equipped with a forced steering.The chassis is particularly narrow designed and offers therefore sufficient space for a large steering angle. Thereby the total width of 2.55 is not exceeded also with soil preserving tyres with an width of 60 cm.

In the past, Krampe has made a lot of positive experiences with the Tridec running gears with three-point linkage. The axles can extremely be twisted with this running gear type. This ensures an optimal ease of operation and stability on terrain. Due to the hydraulic axle compensation, a maximum roll and driving stability is complied. The running gear is maintenance-free, the heavy rubber silentblocks are extremely robust. This construction type has perfectly proven itself.

An automatic height regulation „Tritronik" is available upon demand. In addition to the regulation of the driving level, it is also possible to automatically position the trailer horizontally during tipping by means of the electronic bubble level.

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