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4 blue Krampe halfpipes for STORK Umweltdienste GmbH

At the end of 2021 four blue Krampe halfpipes were handed over to STORK Umweltdienste GmbH at the Schröder Krampe dealership's premises in Langenweddingen, Germany.
Over the past few months, the four new halfpipes have had the chance to demonstrate their capabilities. Currently they support the STORK team predominantly with internal transport requirements. Due to their high internal payloads, they are able to shift large amounts of material.

STORK is a medium-sized business serving the waste disposal and recycling sector based out of Magdeburg. The company has a strong focus on processing mineral waste. STORK operates various processing plants for this purpose, as well as mobile recycling equipment that is used to produce slag, among other products. The company also focuses on specialist waste disposal as well as demolition and dismantling work.

When it came to upgrading their company fleet, they opted for a well-known brand of trailer equipment. "We've been using two Krampe HP 30's here for a good 10 years. Our halfpipes have definitely proven their worth, especially for transporting slag." says David Henschke, Fleet Manager for STORK Umweltdienste GmbH. "The body shape is ideal for what we use them for, and the integrated Hardox 450 makes them extremely hard-wearing and durable. Their hydraulic forced steering also makes them easy to tow."

The recently supplied Krampe earth-moving tippers are also perfectly tailored to the needs of the waste disposal company.

Since all the trailers are used extensively on the road, both the trailers and tractors are licensed to 60 km/h. In this case, the front and back axles of the Tridem halfpipes are forcibly steered.

To ensure adequate load security when travelling at high speeds on the road, all HP 30s are equipped with a Flexcover net cover that can be fully operated from the tractor cab, which increases driver comfort.

These custom trailers are finished off with a fitting coat of paint in the company's own shade of blue.

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