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Company foundation and milestones

1918: Foundation of the company Krampe Electro by Mr. August Krampe, an uncle of the today managing director August Krampe.

1949: First Fahr Tractor (12 PS) sold. Krampe "teached" the farmers how to use a tractor.  For the supply of Diesel for the farmers and the local fire brigade, Krampe had a 3.000 litre tank.

1955: Foundation of the Krampe OHG

1968: Company taken over by Mr. Ernst Krampe. Next to the smithery and agrocultural workshop his wife Maria Krampe works in a house and hardware store.

1972: Tractors of John Deere were sold (20 series), approx. 20 units per year.

1981: First trailer were build of old truck parts.

Next generation

1982: First trailer with automatic, mechanic tailgate were build.

1983: Mr. August Krampe took over the parenta:l smithery for rent. He hires 4 employees, turnover about 240.000 DM per year.

1984: Single axle body tipper shown at the DLG show. It is the first big agicultural trade show for Krampe.

1986: The first computer bought. (256 Computer, Operation system DOS)

1986: Building a new production hall. This was bought used and de- and remounted on site in Lette. Area 560 m².




Concentrating on vehicle manufacturing

1988: Krampe Landtechnik und Metallbau GmbH was founded.

1990: The repair and trading of agricultural machines was stopped. The current capacities are focussed on the trailers.

1992: First hooklift hoists for the transport of roll-off container were build.

1993: The house- and hardware store was closed. Mrs. Maria Krampe retires.

1995: A further production hall of 970 m² was build. And the already existing Hall got enlarged with 300 m² in order to get space for a paintshop and brake-check device.

Extension of product range

1996: The first tridem body tippers are carried out to the customers. 

1999: The first sand- and gravel tippers and halfpipes for tractor are built.

2003: First body tippers of the Big Body series are presented on Agritechnica in Hannover.

2005: Presentation of the first semi trailer hooklift hoists for Trucks.

2007: The first two-side tippers of the Big Body series were built.

2009: Movement of the whole company to the technical facilities of an old, closed military base in Coesfeld-Flamschen, that area provides nearly 100.000 m²,  26.000 m² of them under roof.



2009: Presentation of the new Krampe innovation: the conveyor belt wagon Bandit. This new trailer concept was honoured by the DLG with a silber medal on the Agritechnica 2009 in Hannover.

2010: During the trade fair „IAA-Nutzfahrzeuge“ in Hannover Krampe presented the first conveyor belt wagon Bandit as semi-trailer and gained the coveted price “Trailer Innovation 2010” in the category “concept”

2010: The old sand and gravel tipper production series is replaced by the newly developed tippers with Big Body design.



2010: A photovoltaic power plant with approx. 500 KWp is installed on the roofs of the production halls.

2011: A hydraulically foldable extension side bord is included in the production program.

2011: The first weight optimised vehicle superstructures made of aluminum are produced for the Bandit conveyor belt wagon. They are sold as agriculture or semi-trailer version.

2011: New in the conveyor belt wagon product range: turntable trailers. They are mainly designed for high ways.

2011: The photovoltaic power plant is enlarged to 918 kWp.

2011: Next to the Krampe company area three farmers build a biogas plant with 900 kW.

2011: Krampe gains the “German economy innovation-price 2011” for the product Bandit – conveyor belt wagon.
Download: certificate PDF »


Quality prevails

2012: The electronic forced stearing for Tandem and Tridem trailers is available.

2012: Krampe joins the German Engineering Association VDMA.

2012: Premiere of the large-volume semi-trailer SB 30/90 at the IAA 2012!

2013: Krampe has  approx. 100 employees.

2013: National craft price for Krampe apprentice Marius Wolfers

2014: Krampe becomes the training company of the year

2014: The first agricultural trailers are euquiped with the optimised air suspension as standards.

2014: Presentation of the new Big Body 790, a combination of a Tridem-body and a Tandem two-axle-chassis and the Carrier series.


Innovative strength as drive

2015: A new app gives easy access to the Krampe world and is available for download from the App Store℠.

2016: Krampe Tridem tippers celebrate their 20 years-anniversary.

2016: Especially for potato farmers, Krampe introduces the body tipper Big Body 740.

2016: New: Three-year warranty on Krampe tippers.

2016: At the EuroTier 2016 in Hannover Krampe introduces a new transport system. The agile drawbar trailer chassis is sourced from the Krampe "Roadrunner" DA 34 and can accommodate a body tipper or a slurry tanker for up to 26,000 l.

2016: The successful launch of the Krampe tipping semi trailer KS 900 is followed by the lightweight version KS 950 with an aluminum body.



Plenty of reasons to celebrate

2017: August Krampe's oldest son Robert joins the company's management team as the 4th generation of the Krampe family.

2018: Three great reasons to celebrate: Managing Direction August Krampe celebrates his 60th birthday, the company celebrate its 10th year at the new site on the former Coesfeld army barracks and Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH celebrates its 100th anniversary. In honour of this special occasion, Krampe produces 100 limited edition trailers with a special black paint and safety package.

2019: Krampe Fahrzeugbau adds to its popular Big Body range with the new Big Body 980 tridem-axle tipper. With an inner wall length of 9.80 m, the Big Body 980 can transport around 50 m³ of product.

2019: In comparison to its predecessors, the new Krampe Sattelbandit SB II is significantly lighter. By removing the unloading plate, as well as any other things, we were able to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle by around 800 kg.

Continuous growth

2019: Tipping semi-trailer meets walking floor – The new concept study SKS 950 Alu is presented on the press day.

2019: Company turnover increases to over € 30 million.

2019: To provide competent advice for dealers and customers, Krampe employs four new, experienced sales team members.

2019: Bandit.2, the new generation of conveyor belt trailers with a wider conveyor belt, modified driveline and steel side walls is presented.

2019: 3 in 1: One year after the presentation of the SKS concept study, two versions of the Krampe SKS walking floor tipping semi-trailers are made available as part of a pilot series. The SKS 20/950 offroad as an all-terrain, double-axle, tipping semi-trailer and the SKS 30/1050 road as a weight-optimised, triple-axle, on-road version.

Continuous further development

2020: The successful Krampe Halfpipe HP 20 is optimised further in time for its 20th anniversary.

2020: The Münsterland-based vehicle manufacturer plans a new warehouse building in order to respond to the slowly but steadily growing number of vehicles produced as well as the desire for optimised warehousing and optimised processes using new software and digital hand scanners. The construction work starts in March 2020.

2020: Krampe strengthens their market position in Scandinavia by partnering with a number of new dealers.

2020: In order to increase the flexibility of roll-off containers in combination with an agricultural tractor unit even further, Krampe develops an agricultural version of the SHL 30 hook lift trailer.

Krampe trailers - # READY FOR FUTURE

2020: Krampe equips the robust walking beam running gear of the larger Halfpipe-Version HP 24 with a positively steered axle, therefore optimising the precise and direct steering, as well as the turning circle, of the vehicle.

2020: The new tandem Heavy Duty 550 (HD 550) earthmoving tipper now fills the gap between the SK and Halfpipe ranges. With the introduction of this vehicle, Krampe answers the demand for a robust earthmoving tipper with a flat floor.

2020: Almost two years after the Krampe development team invested in the elaborate preparation, numerous practical tests and the creation of information documents, the German Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority grants their approval: from now on, all Krampe trailers will be delivered with EU type approval.

2020: The new Krampe central warehouse is completed in October 2020 and real-time warehouse bookings will improve processes from now on.

Certified trailers

2021: The German Patent and Trademark Office grants Krampe the patent for the walking floor tipping semi-trailer. It's awarded retroactively from September 2018 and is valid for 20 years.

2021: Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH now equips almost all Krampe trailers with BPW axles in the factory as standard and in doing so relies on their excellent long-term partnership with the German family-run company BPW (Bergische achsen KG), based in Wiehl near Cologne.

2021: At the end of 2020, Krampe received a protection of utility model for the new, modular underride guard. This guard will now be used on almost all vehicles as part of the EU type approval.

Push-off trailer and digital transformation

2022: With the RamBody AS750, the first Krampe push-off trailer is being presented in February.
The new vehicle category associates a well-thought design, first-class components and is the result
from two years development work, The zero series of the RamBody AS 750 was handed over to
selected retailers in Germany and abroad in April.

2022: Digital transformation further in focus: The components are being checked by means of a 3D
coordinate measuring machine at goods receipt assuring so highest quality and safety standards.
The introduction of the media portal enables customers and the press to access to hundred of
product pictures and information.

Generational Change

2023: Generation change in the direction. Robin Krampe takes over the helm at Krampe
Fahrzeugbau as sole managing director.

2023: Achievement of both halls 43+66. Several individual work places as well as a welding robot
find their place on a total of 3,600 m2 in hall 43. The air-conditioned hall also has an integrated
warehouse as well as a 10 t crane. The after-sales service moves in the new hall 66 comprising also
a brake test stand.

2023: Krampe presents on the Agritechnica several novelties and innovations. The ISOBUS control
enables to control several functions from the EBS system to the electric steering for safety and
efficiency. The THL 20L Carrier serves a frequently requested vehicle specification. Models such as
the HP 30 Carrier, the HD 700 and the RamBody AS 900 round off the portfolio at top.

2023: With the ProBody 760, Krampe presents a new generation of tippers. The 2 m body is based
on a new and innovative design of the body beams and offers more transport volume for less empty



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