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Three-year warranty on Krampe tippers
New pledge of quality builds on more than 30 years of experience

In continuation of its policy of manufacturing consistently high quality on wheels for more than 30 years, Krampe now puts its signature to a three-year warranty.

Surpassing by far the statutory one-year warranty period, the new and free warranty underlines the trust and confidence in the quality of Krampe products. The new manufacturer warranty reflects the highest possible commitment to the culture of quality that the company has pursued for the last three decades. The warranty applies to all Big Body tippers, Big Body S two-way tippers and THL hook lift trailers that are produced after 1st July 2016.

For the running gears of all Push-Off trailers Krampe puts a three-year warranty and one-year warranty to the chassis.

Krampe subjects all its tippers to a continuous improvement policy which aims at transferring practical field experience to the assembly line. A continuous exchange of experience with dealers and customers allows Krampe to gain valuable insights and turn them into improvements and technical innovations. This is the formula that makes these trailers so reliable and practical. And Krampe customers do appreciate that. Each Krampe tipper has 30 years of experience built into it. Even the early models were manufactured to such high standards that many of them are still in operation today.
“A tipping trailer must serve many functions ”, says Krampe’s sales director Helmut Hövelmann. “But above all it must work. Only a fully functional trailer will allow the operator to concentrate on the work in hand.”  In fact, the new warranty has been a major concern: “Our trailers stand out for superior reliability – even in the most arduous applications. This is our firm belief and commitment. And if it subsequently transpires that a detail is not working properly, we stand by our customers offering them this new warranty which gives them the peace of mind that they are buying a machine of unfaltering quality that minimises their follow-up costs and makes their investment profitable.”



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