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Krampe trailers – #ready for future
EU type-approval opens door for a Europe-wide homologation and highest safety standards

After two years of extensive preparations, numerous field tests and the completion of many specification sheets, the Krampe developers finally received the approval of the German Motor Transport Authority.
This means that from now on all Krampe trailers will have the EU type-approval. With the EU (VO) 167/2013 type-approval being a requirement for vehicles used in the agricultural and forestry sector in many European countries, the approval is very relevant for the manufacturer, dealers and clients alike. The type-approved vehicles are supplied with the necessary COC papers (Certificate of Conformity). Replacing the traditional MOT papers for a specific machine, these papers automatically approve the machine for operation in any European country. This means that buyers of a Krampe tipper will be freed from costly and time-consuming national homologation procedures in the future.

Also German customers benefit from the certificate, because it guarantees that the manufacturer has a consistent quality management system in place which assures that the vehicles meet the highest EU quality and safety standards.

The EU type-approval also ensures good resale value since the vehicle can be marketed in any country of the EU.

Krampe's "Quality on Wheels" philosophy embraces an international way of thinking, high resale value and sustainable production methods.

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The benefits of an EU type-approved Krampe trailer

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#1 Wind energy

Krampe is involved building a neighboured wind farm. Since the beginning of 2020 green engery is produced. As soon as all wind turbines are errected there will be energy for more than 20,000 households. A healty mix of renewable engergy sources is guaranteed.

#2 Suppliers

A Iot of Krampe suppliers are located regionally, that leads to shorter hauls and therefore less CO2 emissions. Additionally, we reduce waste by rolling transport solutions.

#3 Boiler house

The former boiler house which is still used today can feed warm water into the district heating network,in an emergency or during maintenance works on the neigbouring biogas plant. Since 2010 the biogas plant supplies district heating for the Krampe halls.

#4 Photovoltaics

With its own photovoltaic system, Krampe produces a total of approx. 150% of its own electricity needs.

#5 Paint finnish

We use paints of high solid contents, which generate low-solvent emission levels. The drying process is given the time it takes to form a network-like structure. This way we also contain CO2 emission levels, which for years have been maintained below the statutory limits.

#6 Biogas/ District heating

For heating all offices and production halls, Krampe uses district heating from a neighbouring biogas plant.

#7 Durability

Krampe trailers "quality on wheels" guarantee highest reliability and resale value. Very long operating periods go easy on natural resources (and on your financial ones).

#8 Employees

As a family owned company; Krampe takes care for their employees. For example with ergonomic workplaces or sport events for the whole company. A living culture combines appreciation, openness and trust.

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Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH

Zusestraße 4 · D-48653 Coesfeld-Flamschen · Tel: +49 (0)25 41/80 178-0 · Fax: +49 (0)25 41/80 178-14 ·

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