Carrier series

THL 25 L Carrier


Carrier series
THL 25 L Carrier

Tridem hooklift trailer (for roll-off tipper) with air suspension

The trailers of the Carrier series have a firmly specified standard equipment and are usually available ex stocks. Technical changes are not possible.

Chassis: Comprehensive standard equipment/ extra narrow drawbar with low hitch position and 80 mm ball head coupling, for optimal turning angle when manoeuvring/ robust hydraulic support foot, mounting block for top cylinder/ brand-new roll-off tipper from the truck sector/ weight-optimized construction for best possible payload/ the special design of the roller frame leads to a low construction and a low center of gravity/ standard air suspended chassis with with excellent driving comfort and offroad abilities, two-bladed pull rod with big air bellows with a diameter of 360 mm/ 2 caster-steering axles/ equipped according to German road rules/ shotpeened frame/ painting 2 component paint in nova grey satin-finish, securing cables

Operation/ Other: VDL hooklift trailer (roll-off tipper) from truck sector, hook height 1.57 m according to DIN 30722 part 1. Hydraulic oil supply from the traction unit, three double-acting control units required (1. pick-up and tip container, 2. push container forwards or backwards resp., 3. lock container hydraulically). Oil requirement amounts only to 32 l, because all rams are doubleacting/ operating pressure 200 bar. Thanks to the standard push arm, the pick-up angle of the container is very low and the rear unloading height (rear overhang) can there by be continuously adjusted. During tipping and picking-up or setting-off resp. of the container, the air suspension is deflated by a quick exhaust valve. Therefore a hydraulic rear axle support is not necessary. It also results in a very low pick-up angle and in an increase in the lifting capacity with the container on the ground/ LED lighting system/ Equipped according to German road rules/ shotpeened frame/ painting 2-component paint in Fendt grey satin-finish



THL 25 L Carrier


Environmental protection and sustainability

Each Krampe trailer is a high quality product and sustainable already thanks to its longevity. Find out how we produce red tippers in a green way.


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