KS 950 Alu offroad

Double-axle tipping semi trailers



Double-axle tipping semi trailers
KS 950 Alu offroad

The all-rounder for the efficient truck transport offroad and on-road
Especially used with agricultural or forestry vehicles and equipped with corresponding large low-pressure tyres, this semitrailer is a real alternative to the usual transports. From time to time, the trailer can flexibly and cost-effectively be used with a tractor or a Dolly as "buffer vehicle". And this with a high payload on public roads.

Running gear: Very stable and torsion-resistant double-webbed frame made of high-quality fine-grained steels/ 2 in. kingpin, screwed underneath, this pin can be mounted in two positions in order to adjust the tongue load/ short plastic mudguards/ anchor point for tow rope at vehicle rear/ pneumatic running gear, wheelbase 1,810 mm/securing cables/ reinforced rigid offroad axles
INFO: Large low-pressure tyres can be mounted. If the vehicle width exceeds 2.55 m, it is prohibited to drive on German highways. Then 60 km/h homologation

Aluminium body: Robust rear tipper with main tipping ram (scissor stabilisator against surcharge)/sidewalls made of 50 mm alu hollow-chamber profiles, thickness 4/2 mm, floor sheet 7 mm in one piece, highly wear resistant aluminium (AlMg 4.5 Mn H34)/ strong top frame inclined at the side inwards self-cleaning (not any edge profiles)/ hydraulic opening rear tailgate with large opening angle 115° + 30°, automatic locking mechanism in the lateral safety chucks, locking block valve with load safety valve, double-acting control unit at traction head required for actuation/ large discharge outlet with long dosing lever 46 x 34 cm (W x H)/ massive rock ball bearings 100 mm with bearing shell/ adjustable mudguards required for tyre width > 460 mm (surcharge)

Other: 80 km/h homologation with individual approval/ EBS system/ pneumatic running gear with lift-lowering valve/ LED lighting system, yellow side markers lamps, rear position lights/ underride guard/ painting of the body with 2-component paint in Krampe-red (similar to RAL 3002) satin-finish, the chassis is painted in grey


Technical data: KS 950 Alu offroad

Dimensions: KS 950 Alu offroad

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