Double-axle tipping semi trailers

KS 900 offroad



Double-axle tipping semi trailers
KS 900 offroad

Catering for customers who own an agricultural truck, the new Krampe KS 900 tandem semi trailer tips to the rear and to one side. These heavy-duty trailers run on flotation tyres and give a hitch height of 1,350 mm to 1,580 mm. They will certainly become a familiar sight in Europe on roads and fields in the next few years.

Courtesy of its high payload of up to 26 t, this off-road semi trailer also hitches to a tractor via a dolly to support the haulage chain in the heat of harvest, offering a 9 m long Big Body with a volume of 46.9 m³.

The off-road axles benefit from stronger beams as well as 10 t wheel bearings to take on large-diameter tyres. Another standard specification is the air-suspended chassis, which results in very quiet and comfortable running and increased road safety. During tipping the chassis lowers automatically for added stability. Whether laden or unladen, the standard-fit levelling valve ensures optimum suspension in any situation.



KS 900 offroad


Environmental protection and sustainability

Each Krampe trailer is a high quality product and sustainable already thanks to its longevity. Find out how we produce red tippers in a green way.


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