Single axle tippers

Big Body 550 E


Single axle tippers
Big Body 550 E

Big Body® 550 E single-axle body tipper

Lining up as many as 38 different body tippers, KRAMPE markets one of the largest ranges of trailer models and versions on the market. The Big Body range of trailers is built for professional farmers, contractors and machinery rings. We never do things by halves but always deliver top quality.

The trailer?s superior level of specification includes a 40km/h package, stronger axles, a 10t commercial winch with fast mode, a hydraulic tailgate with pressure accumulator, a conical body, flotation tyres and of course an excellent chassis. All axles are designed for a maximum speed of 80km/h.

The Big Body® 550 E is more than a pure agricultural trailer. It is in fact a true all-round machine.

This Big Body® 550 E single-axle body tipper is currently our best selling trailer to mid-sized agricultural operations. Hooking up to 125hp (92kW) tractors, it combines high transport capacities with a very low dead weight and excellent running gear.

Overview of benefits

- Well-conceived design
- Ideally suited to low- and mid-sized operations or applications in confined spaces
- Well-proven design, which is built in high unit numbers; great value for money
- Standard 40km/h package, 1.95m trackwidth
- Standard conical body, hydraulic tailgate with pressure accumulator
- The new body boasts exciting detail enhancements. Click on Big Body®



Big Body 550 E


Environmental protection and sustainability

Each Krampe trailer is a high quality product and sustainable already thanks to its longevity. Find out how we produce red tippers in a green way.


Technical data: Big Body 550 E

*1 Eigengewicht und die Nutzlast hängen von der jeweiligen Ausrüstung ab.
*2 In Deutschland sind Stützlasten von 3 bzw. 4 t nur bis 40 km/h erlaubt. Bei Schnellläufern ab 40 km/h gelten teils niedrigere Stützlasten. Es darf die zulässige Stützlast des Zugfahrzeuges nicht überschritten werden.
*6 Die technische Nutzlast ist von Fahrwerk und Bereifung abhängig.

Dimensions: Big Body 550 E

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