1-Achs-Anhänger Dolly 10-L

Single-axle transport bogies for semi trailers


Single-axle transport bogies for semi trailers
1-Achs-Anhänger Dolly 10-L

Single-axle transport-bogie for the transport of semitrailers

Chassis: Weight-optimized chassis made of laser edge parts/ rigid drawbar for low hitch position with flanged 80 mm ball head coupling, particularly designed narrow for optimum steering angle/ hydraulic support foot, foldable/ lighting system 12 Volts/ support for electric, air and hydraulic lines at front on drawbar/ spiral brake connections red/yellow for the semitrailer with automatic heads, firmly mounted on the support as well as socket (12 volts) at front at hose support for current supply of semitrailer/ heavy duty JOST fifth-wheel 20 t, adjustable 4-fold by 100 mm each by using screws/ pneumatic running gear with two-bladed pull rods and large air bellows for good driving characteristics; air brake with ALB valve/ securing cables/ BPW axles with automatic slack adjusters (ASA)

Other: 40 km/h homologation with individual approval/ operating instructions/ robust lamp housing with pointed roof at vehicle rear, high-quality rear lights with shock-resistant lens, LED lighting system, white front position lamps, yellow side marker lamps, rear position lights/ shot peened frame/ painting 2-component paint in Fendt grey satin-finish


Technical data: 1-Achs-Anhänger Dolly 10-L

Dimensions: 1-Achs-Anhänger Dolly 10-L

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