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Krampe expands in-house manufacturing and level of automation with a new laser bending system and welding robot

Innovation at Krampe Fahrzeugbau
Krampe has increased their production capacities with the addition of a new laser bending system and welding robot. This new modern equipment allows for a higher degree of in-house manufacturing and automation, thus increasing the quality and flexibility Krampe's production. Thanks to this further development of their expertise, the company's capacity for innovation has also been given a welcome boost.

Looking back and moving forward
When August Krampe made his first tipper by welding together used parts from old lorries, automation was not even an option. Today, a large part of the detailed work at Krampe has shifted also to programming and operating highly-modern systems.

New laser bending system
A top-of-the-range laser bending system was recently put into operation in Krampe's production halls. The system includes:
• A laser table and connected storage system
• A loading unit for raw sheets
• A system for sorting and palletising the finished parts
• A modern bending press
• A blasting unit
The laser bending system has been in two-shift operation since March 2024 and has allowed Krampe to manufacture over 450 purchased parts ranging from small fixing brackets to tail gate sheets themselves in-house. As Matthias Preiß, Head of Production at Krampe, explains, "Thanks to this investment, we have been able to improve the quality of our products and increase our flexibility. We plan on manufacturing even more items in-house in the future."

Laser system technical details
The solid-state "TruLaser 3040 fiber" laser system from TRUMPF has a laser output of 6 kW and can be used to process sheets that are up to 25 mm thick and with dimensions of up to 4 x 2 m. With cutting speeds of up to 30 m/min when working with 2 mm-thick construction steel, the system is incredibly efficient. The accompanying "TruStore 3040" storage tower can hold up to 100 tonnes of sheets and is equipped with a weighing system that measures the material in stock.

Additional bending and forming technology
The "TruBend 5230S" bending press has a pressing force of 2,300 kN for a maximum bending length of 4 m. Equipped with an automatic angle monitoring system that works using laser measurement technology, two bending aids and a 6-axis backgauge, it is ideal for bending heavy or large parts.

New welding robot for chassis
In addition to the laser bending system, a new welding robot for manufacturing chassis was also put into operation. Krampe has been using welding robots for the past seven years. Another new welding robot for smaller components will be put into operation in September. This means that more complete welded assemblies can be prefabricated in the factory.

As Matthias Preiß points out, "With the new systems, we have been able to further optimise our production processes and our tippers too. However, this has only been possible thanks to our skilled team that can professionally programme and operate the machines."

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