Presentation of the new push-off trailer "RamBody type AS 750"

More than 35 years ago, the first trailers were manufactured by Krampe. The fact that the Westphalian vehicle manufacturer attaches much importance to a well-built construction is not only reflected in the motto "quality on wheels". This quality promise is in fact the key to the company's success. It applies undiminished to all further developments of the product range.

After many demands from customers and distributors, Krampe has now also added a push-off trailer to its range. The first Krampe push-off trailer with the name "RamBody" and the type designation "AS 750" will first be produced as tandem trailer with a load volume of 41.1 m³.

More than two years of development work and around 1,000 hours of use of several prototypes have confirmed the well-thought vehicle design and technology of the new Krampe push-off trailer "RamBody".

The whole vehicle design follows the objective of launching a well-built vehicle with huge reserves and a high-quality running gear on the market. Besides the standard parabolic springs or a running gear with hydraulic axle compensation, Krampe recommends the proven pneumatic running gear. As a unique selling point, BPW steering axles with overhead brake cylinders are being mounted which guarantee a high ground clearance.

The body was built in the robust jet design, with narrow, slightly inclined stanchions. The lateral sidewalls are bolted and can be removed. The folded outer stanchions ensure extreme body stability and an especially genuine appearance. The slim design of the extensions and rear tailgate enables a particularly large loading space width and therefore a high transport volume. In order to mostly avoid dirt deposits, all edges have been designed as slants. In this way, no crop remains on the vehicle.

The core of this trailer is the push-blade mounted on a following-on table. The narrow designed tunnel in the centre protects the hydraulic rams from damages. At total of five hydraulic rams provide the powerful feed force and offer large reserves also in order to safely empty an overloaded vehicle.

The push blade has a full-surface lattice look and is covered with a large plexiglass pane providing an optimum view in the loading compartment. The upper forty centimetres can be folded down as standard. Adjustable seals lock the push blade on all edges and guarantee a grainproof push-off trailer construction.

Extremely powerful LED working lights illuminate the vehicle's surroundings and create a pleasant working environment even in total darkness. The standard side marker lights increase the safety on public roads, for example when turning.

The EU type-approval has in principle become standard for all Krampe vehicles since 2020. This increases the safety on public roads and facilitates homologation and increases the vehicle's resale value.

The pilot series of the new push-off trailer „RamBody AS 750" is being handed over to selected German and international distributors in April. Further sizes rounding off the product range upwards and downwards are still in development and are available from spring 2023.

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