Excellent stability for extreme applications on construction sites with the new Krampe push-off earth-moving trailer RamBody AS 620 HD

Following the successful launch of the AS 750 agricultural push-off trailer, Krampe now presents the new push-off trailer for earthworks.
The RamBody AS 620 Heavy Duty, first introduced as a concept design, has been developed for use on construction sites where terrain conditions are tough.
The new RamBody AS 620 HD earthmover guarantees a high level of stability during the unloading process thanks to its low centre of gravity – especially on steep slopes or rough terrain.
The unloading time is approx. 38 sec. with a loading volume of 13 m³.

Chassis and body are designed for extreme applications. The chassis consists of large-dimensioned rectangular tube. The axles of the walking beam chassis are asymmetrically offset, which prevents the front axle from "digging in" and ensures excellent off-road mobility and stability. The body can be entirely fitted with HARDOX ® sheet metal on request, the floor up to 10 mm and the side walls up to 8 mm. This solid construction enables a technical payload of up to approx. 24 t.

The tailgate of the new vehicle is divided into two parts. The pendulum-hydraulic upper part enables metered unloading and sectioning off. The loading floor can be extended with the lower discharge flap. Boulders and rocks are therefore kept away from the rear lights and the rear of the vehicle during the pushing process.

Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH presents the new earth-moving push-off trailer at the bauma construction machinery trade fair in Munich. It will be used and tested by various customers on different types of construction sites after the trade fair.

The RamBody AS 620 HD is delivered with EU type approval. This certifies not only the highest EU safety and quality standards, but also provides you with worry-free EU-wide approval and guarantees the high value retention of the vehicle.

The start of series production is planned for 2024.

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