Optimised tailgate for more stability and new chute attachment on Krampe tippers

In line with their continuous product improvement programme Krampe presents optimised details on their Big Body and SK earthmoving tippers.

The first change refers to the tailgate which now features more folds for increased stability and slanted areas which prevent dirt and material collecting here and being spilled on the road thereby contributing to better road safety.

Naturally, this new standard tailgate replaces neither the extra strong tailgate models nor the tear-resistant Hardox options which continue to be available.

The same applies to the optional two or three grain outlets. These are now nearly level with the floor for smoother, faster and thorough clear out.

Krampe also developed a mechanism that allows drivers to attach chutes or funnels easily to the outlet, a clever solution that ensures the maximum permissible 400mm distance between the end of the body and the underride guard is not exceeded when using a chute or funnel. The new solution allows drivers to remove square or round chutes fast and easily and store them on the machine before travelling on public roads.

All Big Body and SK models built from spring 2021 onwards will have the new and optimised tailgate.

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