Patent granted to Krampe SKS walking floor-tipping semi-trailer

The Krampe SKS with integrated walking floor is a well-tested trailer that hauls and unloads general cargo and bulk goods including sticky materials. Made to perform in rough and difficult conditions, the machine is referred to as a true multi talent by delighted owners.

Now the semi-tipper with walking floor was granted the patent by the German Patent and Trademark office. Taking retroactive effect in September 2018, the patent expires after 20 years after its date of issue.

The patent covers mainly the principle of combining the walking floor with the tipping function – may it be implemented on a semi-trailer, an agricultural trailer, a container or on a stationary machine.

Krampe markets the walking floor-tipping semi-trailer as a 38t semi-trailer on two axles as a heavy-duty off-road version that features an extremely torsion-proof double-frame chassis and which can take up to 710/50 R 30.5 flotation tyres.

The Krampe SKS semi-trailer with walking floor is also available as a triple-axle and weight optimised version for road transport that offers a higher capacity of currently about 60m³.

The advantages of the SKS walking floor-tipping semi-trailer:
• Transports and unloads all types of solid and bulk goods including sticky materials
• The freely moving push-off plate thoroughly clears out loads, including small seeded materials
• High unloading power, high emptying rates
• Unloads in any type of terrain and setting including low buildings, using either the fast tipping function or the controlled walking floor
• The walking floor tears off sticky material from the sides
• Offers a low centre of gravity during tipping by forwarding some of the load to the rear before tipping starts
• The walking floor prevents the tipper from surging upwards as no weight is taken off the rear axle
• Operators can switch from walking floor mode to tipping mode at any time.

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