Agile, flexible and efficient – Krampe hook lift trailer for German council works depot

Agile, flexible and efficient – these are the qualities of the latest addition to the staff at the works depot of the municipality Vilshofen in southern Germany, the new Krampe THL 10 L tandem hook lift trailer. Hitched to a Unimog U 400 and supporting 45 staff members on two legs and 40 members on four and more wheels, the hook lift trailer develops lifting and tipping capacities of up to 11 tonnes.

Delivered complete with a 5m Big Body container, the unit features transport capacities of nearly 24m3 and a sliding Cramaro tarpaulin cover system. The new hook lift will haul anything that needs moving at the works depot – mainly woodchips but also branches and green clippings, for example. The combination is reckoned to move about 1,500m3 of material for the city council every year.
Approved for 80km/h, the trailer is fit to travel on highways and yet is equally well specified for off-road terrain thanks to its pneumatic suspension, short build and agile configuration allowing operators to manoeuvre the hook lift trailer easily through narrow gates and around park areas.

"Our new Krampe tipper is not only very agile but also very versatile with respect to the materials it can handle", says works depot manager Karl Leuzinger. "We'll soon invest in more swap systems consisting of containers and carriers to minimise empty hauls and boost the productivity of the THL 10 L hook lift trailer. For example, the trailer takes an empty container to a site and leaves it there for filling. While the container is filled with woodchips the trailer goes off to take a lawn mower to a different site and then returns and picks up the container filled with woodchips."

"The hook lift trailer was purchased in replacement of an old chain-and-slat floor trailer," explains workshop manager Franz Krautloher and continues: "We are really pleased by the versatility of our new THL. The BayWa dealership at Eging offered really good advice and we saw a lot of happy Krampe customers around here."

The THL 10 L has the typical Krampe features: the height-adjustable hitch ring, the standard hydraulic interior locking system and a remote control for convenient operation of the unit.

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