NEW: Walking beam chassis with steering axle on Krampe HP 24 earthmoving tipper

There is more to construction site work than huge heaps of rubble and wide gravel roads. It is also about confined spaces, narrow gates and travelling on public roads. This requires a steered trailer capable of performing tight turning circles.

The bigger tandem halfpipe version Krampe HP 24 has therefore now been equipped with a forced-steering axle for its robust walking beam chassis. The assembly is an in-house development rather than an off-the-shelf product sourced from an external supplier. This way, Krampe owns the expertise and is able to tailor the assembly to the chassis of its earthmoving tipper. The axles are spaced at a width of 1.81m, the huge advantages of this is an increased 24t gross weight and the possibility of fitting larger tyres of up to 1.50m diameter (30.5").

After passing its first test in a sand quarry near the Krampe premises, a HP 24 kitted out with these prototype axles recently headed to Issum near the Dutch border where a long-standing customer – Devers & Schlabbers – put the tipper through its paces.

The testers found the new running gear offers a number of clear advantages:
• The trailer left next to no tyre marks when shunting on tarmac and paved ground.
• The tipper exerts a lighter pull and is therefore more economical on fuel.
• Offering less rolling resistance in bends, the tipper also suits smaller tractors.
• In road transport, it tracked smoothly behind the tractor.
• Steering and manoeuvring at traffic junctions was easy.
• The machine offers better agility on narrow construction sites.
• The machine retains the benefits of the robust walking beam chassis with massive axle compensation:The axles run asymmetrically (55/45 %). This prevents the front axle from digging in and provides excellent terrain-following capabilities and stability. The round pivoting beams are self-cleaning. A load-sensitive proportional brake valve is standard specification.

After completing the tests successfully, the new walking beam chassis with steering axle is now ready to enter production.

The walking beam chassis with steering axle is robust and makes for tight turns. Here it is pictured reversing
through a narrow gate into a construction site.


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