Krampe strengthens market position in Scandinavia

As a result of a shift in strategy over the past two years, Krampe has succeeded in further expanding its market position in Scandinavia. The new strategy revolves around the use of local dealers to facilitate direct contact with customers. Existing distribution centres have been supplemented by various new dealers, a prime example being Axima which, with its 22 locations in Sweden, significantly improves the availability of Krampe trailers.

The focus is on regionality. Kenneth Brønner, Krampe sales consultant for Scandinavia, explains: "It is important that all of our dealers know and understand the specific needs of their customers. This makes it possible to provide the best possible advice and to deliver a trailer that is a perfect fit for the individual business. We are pleased that so many of our dealers now also have trailers in stock. This allows potential customers to inspect the Krampe tippers in detail and even take them for a test run. The dealers are highly committed to selling our trailers Made in Germany."

Together with the extended network of dealer partners, Krampe's presence at various trade fairs, field days and dealer events has also served to deepen the manufacturer's already strong relationship with its customers. Direct communication with farmers, contractors and construction companies provides the trailer manufacturer with first-hand feedback on how existing features might be improved and which new ones should be added. These findings are then channelled into the ongoing optimisation process to the ultimate benefit of all Krampe customers.

It has become apparent that there is a growing interest in Scandinavia in high-quality tippers and earthmoving trailers. Customers want trailers that they can rely on and that will stand up to heavy use – not only for years but decades. The emphasis here is on reliability, a high level of ride comfort, easy pulling, good brakes, a low empty weight and a large volume. In Denmark and Sweden, Krampe hook lift trailers are also enjoying growing popularity, because they can be manufactured to specific customer needs and because they score high marks in terms of specification.

The restructuring process of the Krampe sales network in the Scandinavian countries is not yet complete and Krampe continues looking for more dealers in Norway and Sweden as it continues its expansion strategy.


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