Air suspended Halfpipe HP 30 with boosted transport capacity

A German excavation contractor who is based near the Krampe factory has added a new Krampe Tridem-Halfpipe HP 30 to his machine fleet. The new model has a higher-capacity body and pneumatic suspension.

Since it was handed over, the new earthmoving tipper has been hauling rubble, quarried stone, gravel and soil every day. Its higher-sided body (1.40m) offers a larger 25.1m³ volume to SAE standards. The 6mm walls are made of extremely wear-resistant and dent-proof HARDOX 450 steel.

Tipping the scales at a registered gross weight of 31 tonnes, the 40km/h machine features premium-level technology that takes the hard work out of driving – hydraulic forced steering, automatic lubrication, an on-board hydraulic system for quick lowering and also 360mm air suspension bellows on the running gear that cushion the Tridem-Halfpipe HP 30 for quiet and comfortable rides even in the roughest construction site terrain.

Curved double-leaf arms bring the centre of gravity low down to the ground. The bellows are bled as the body is being raised, this way lowering the weight of the trailer automatically onto the rear axle for extra stability and work safety.

"We are also operating a Krampe Tandem-Halfpipe HP 20 and are very happy with it," explains owner Christoph Grevelhörster. "Thanks to its special tipping angle, the body of this earthmoving tipper is ideal for unloading sticky loads and also rubble. Drivers also appreciate the rugged design and the useful options that are available for the Halfpipe HP 30. They are very pleased with the air suspended running gear which absorbs vibrations and shockloads in heavy going and keeps these away from the tractor", adds the contractor.


Martin Röttgermann from Agravis Coesfeld and excavation contractor Christoph Grevelhörster
standing in front of the new Halfpipe HP 30 at the Krampe factory in Coesfeld.


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