New Krampe Heavy Duty 550 earthmoving tipper with flat floor

Launching the new Heavy Duty 550 (HD 550) earthmoving tipper with tandem axle, Krampe closes the gap between their SK and Halfpipe ranges as they respond to numerous customer requests for a robust earthmoving tipper with a flat floor.

The HD 550 combines the advantages of the industry-leading Halfpipe HP 20 – which evolved to become an indispensable mover on many German construction sites – with the benefits of the versatile sand and gravel tipper which perform equally well in soil, grain and silage.
The BPW axles are standard specification and take various types of tyres. The running gear itself is available in four different types of specification: standard parabolic springs, pneumatic suspension, hydraulic compensation and of course the walking beam chassis in asymmetrical arrangement for easy pulling requirements – a tried and tested Krampe development. With a by 10cm lowered construction versus the SK 550, the HD 550 offers better stability and reduces the risk of rollover in rough terrain.

The telescoping cylinder is positioned out in front of the front axle. Unlike the traditional design,
this position on the HD 550 increases the tipping capacity by more than 25 percent, bringing users the best of two worlds - more lifting power and yet good stability. The conical body allows material to slide off more easily and receives extra stability from a massive stanchion. The mudguards can swing to the side and adapt to the individual wheel size.

Buyers can order the body in full Hardox specification i.e. with an up to 10mm thick floor and up to 8mm sides reflecting the heavy-duty purpose for arduous construction site conditions.

A great many details make work a lot easier: The slanting headboard extension protects the drawbar from caking and helps the material slide into the machine. The triangular top prevents soil or other materials from collecting here and eliminates the need for cleaning.

The well-proven hydraulic tailgate opens wide and clear, pivoting open on contact or opening hydraulically all the way. This means that even big boulders and tree stumps slide unhindered through the gate. At the same time, the tailgate also opens only a gap by using an optional sanding bar for gravelling roads for example. The tailgate has a cutting edge for easy and reliable closing and a 30° slant to ensure clean working conditions.

Further useful details are a mobile aluminium ladder and readily accessible holders for a broom and a shovel.

At a gross vehicle weight of 22t at 40km/h the Heavy Duty 550 offers a technical payload of approx. 25t for on site work. The transport volume is 12.4m³ (water volume) or 16.1m³ according to SAE 221.

After the first unit of the new range proved itself in a quarry and on various construction sites, the HD 550 now enters production. From January 2021, it will also be available as a Carrier version in a definite high-quality specification and at favourable delivery conditions.

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