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EU type-approval opens door for a Europe-wide homologation and highest safety standards

After two years of extensive preparations, numerous field tests and the completion of many specification sheets, the Krampe developers finally received the approval of the German Motor Transport Authority. This means that from now on all Krampe tandem trailers and as of January also all tridem trailers will have the EU type-approval. The only exceptions are certain custom designs or trailers approved for more than 40km/h. These will require an extra approval by national MOTs to receive a national homologation.

With the EU (VO) 167/2013 type-approval being a requirement for vehicles used in the agricultural and forestry sector in many European countries, the approval is very relevant for the manufacturer, dealers and clients alike.

The type-approved vehicles are supplied with the necessary COC papers (Certificate of Conformity). Replacing the traditional MOT papers for a specific machine, these papers automatically approve the machine for operation in any European country.

This means that buyers of a Krampe tipper will be freed from costly and time-consuming national homologation procedures in the future. For example, Danish authorities require a brake test for each trailer.

But also German customers benefit from the certificate, because it guarantees that the manufacturer has a consistent quality management system in place which assures that the vehicles meet the highest EU quality and safety standards.

All processes and manufacturing routines at Krampe are standardised and certified. This means that all structural components of a machine are tracked from the supplier all the way to the retail customer for easy and proper replacement after as many as 20 years.

Apart from that, various improvements to structural details were also involved in the EU type-approval process:

+ A new and variable rear underride guard can be customised to individual wheel size and customer requirements and is easy to replace if damaged – a utility model protected solution.
+ Another improvement refers to the BPW axles. Here, the brake cylinders were relocated to a higher position for better protection from mud and damage. It is also possible to fit a combined pneumatic-hydraulic brake system.
+ All trailers with BPW axles are equipped with automatic slack adjusters.
+ Enhanced road safety comes from white lights at the front, sidelights and position lights at the rear.
+ New and extremely damage-proof 3-chamber LED lights with modern chaser indicator lights are also fitted at the rear.
+ A new hand brake with adjustable crank handle and higher braking force ensures safe parking also in sloping terrain. This is an in-house development that complements the large suspension travel, preventing braking that might be triggered by excessive suspension travel.
+ A bigger air reservoir for safe and controlled braking.
+ An extra relay valve on every axle for instant brake response and a pressure build-up time of less than 0.4 seconds.

The EU type-approval also ensures good resale value since the vehicle can be marketed in any country of the EU.

Krampe's "Quality on Wheels" philosophy embraces an international way of thinking, high resale value and sustainable production methods.

About 150% of the electricity used is supplied by solar panels on the factory roofs that were installed ten years ago. The offices and factories are tele-heated by a biogas plant in the neighbourhood. In addition, Krampe is currently involved in building a wind park - an initiative of the local community. Not only does the company obtain its energy from 'green' sources, it also takes a sustainable approach in all other business aspects - purchase, manufacturing and human resources.

Krampe is an international manufacturer of trailers of a superior technical quality that are produced sustainably and built to customer specifications. The traditional German company near the Dutch border is ready for the future www.krampetrailer.com/readyforfuture





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