3-in-1: walk, tip, safe
Krampe SKS 20/950 offroad and SKS 30/1050 walking floor-tipping semi-trailers

Last October, Krampe presented a new concept design that combined two features on one trailer – the tipping function and a walking floor. Since then, Krampe has been manufacturing the machine as an offroad semi-trailer with tandem axle and as a tridem model for roadwork.

The double-axle SKS 20/950 offroad semi-trailer stands on up to 30.5" oversize flotation tyres. The chassis is an extremely rigid double-web frame that carries the 47m³ robust aluminium structure.

The tripple-axle SKS 30/1050 model is an on-road machine with a longer body and a 59.4m³ volume. With an optimised empty weight, the machine on 385/65 R 22.5 wheels tips the scales at less than 7,600kg.

With the new design, Krampe responds to customer requests who asked for versatile semi-trailers that can transport different materials and products on their trips. This is important in view of ever increasing transport distances. Another issue for contractors and hauliers is the transportation of sticky material.

These tipping trailers with integral walking floor can carry such loads as pallets, big bags and straw bales as well as nearly all types of bulk material, offering flexibility and productivity throughout the year. They can unload bulk material via the walking floor in low buildings and on uneven surfaces during the spring/summer season and serve as rear-way tippers in the beet or silage harvest chain in the autumn and winter.

By combining the tipping function with a walking floor, these trailers allow operators to move the material some inches to the rear before the body is tipped. 'Breaking out' the material before tipping ensures the material gushes out more easily and faster. This helps bring down the centre of gravity and increases stability during tipping and cuts the unloading time. In addition, the walking floor allows the truck trailer combination to 'push itself out of the heap' towards the end of unloading.

Yet it is always up to the operator whether the tipping function is used or the walking floor. These two features and the hydraulic tailgate can be controlled with a wireless remote control. Furthermore, electronic assist systems such as reverse-drive and interior cameras, a Wabco SmartBoard or a sensor that warns the operator when machine tilt exceeds 3° are available at little extra cost to enhance operator comfort.

Although the SKS is a new design, the machine is deliberately made from tried and tested industrial components that have proven thousands of times and suit all major types of materials and products.

The SKS 30/1050 is now also available as a Carrier version. This road model scores on an optimised weight and comprehensive standard features including 385/65 R 22.5 tyres, massive axle housings, a lift axle, a hydraulic valve block, remote control, roll-over sheet and many more. These machines offer the double benefit of shorter lead times and competitive prices.

The new tripple-axle SKS 30/1050 walking floor-tipping semi-trailer will be on show at Agritechnica at the Krampe stand in Hall 5, Stand B13.

Here are some benefits of the SKS walking floor-tipping semi-trailer:
• Transports and unloads all types of bulk and solid materials including pallets and straw bales
• An optional push-off plate is available, with that small seeds are cleared out effectively
• High-capacity unloading, high emptying rates
• Unloads either fast (tipper function) or in a controlled way (walking floor), also in low buildings
• The walking floor removes sticky material from the sides
• Lower centre of gravity during tipping by moving material to the rear first
• No weight is taken off the rear axle of the truck, because the walking floor prevents the tipper from
  surging upwards
• Combination-use: truck with tipper, truck with walking floor or with flotation tyres and in combination
  with a Dolly e.g. in the silage harvest chain
• The choice of two versions offers versatility and the perfect solution for any application – the SKS
   20/950 offroad or the weight optimised SKS 30/1050 model with a higher load capacity
• SKS 30/1050 is now available as a Carrier version for a competitive price

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