100 years of company history –
Limited edition: 100 Years of Krampe
Exclusive, customised, safe and reliable

The family business of Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH is celebrating its centenary this year. The company is run jointly by August and Robin Krampe (third and fourth generation) and is thus still fully owned by the founding family.
In 1918, the company was still involved in the electrification of the surrounding farms. In 1921, it added a second string to its bow by opening a smithy and horseshoeing service. Over the years, the agricultural machinery workshop developed into Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH. Since moving to the former Freiherr-vom-Stein barracks in Coesfeld-Flamschen, Krampe has been a major player in the agricultural engineering sector, enjoying an outstanding reputation for building custom trailers.
There are three events to celebrate in 2018: Krampe moved into its new company headquarters ten years ago; the senior of the two joint general managers, August Krampe, has turned 60; and the company is marking its 100th anniversary.
On special occasions such as these, you can either sit back and wait for the congratulations and gifts to pour in – or you can do something special for the people who really matter to you. The second of these two approaches was the one that Krampe GmbH went for. Krampe will be celebrating its centenary with its customers and has come up with something very special for the occasion: We are selling 100 trailers (no more, no less) in an exclusive black paint finish and with a high-quality safety package.
Three popular models have been selected for this limited edition: the Halfpipe HP 20 as well as the two tandem body tippers – Big Body 540 and Big Body 750. The special edition models are not only being given a black paintjob but will also have exclusive markings and a distinctive type plate bearing the consecutive numbers 1 to 100.
These hundred trailers are limited in their availability, i.e. we have allocated a set number of trailers for our dealers in Germany and abroad in order to guarantee a fair distribution.
The special edition was unveiled to the press for the first time 6n Friday, 26th October 2018.
Special edition also for collectors and young model builders
To mark the Krampe centenary, Siku is bringing out a commemorative miniature. This is also the Krampe Halfpipe HP 20 special edition on a scale of 1:50. 1,000 of these miniatures are being made, but they will not be available via the usual retail channels. In both cases – the Krampe full-size trailers and their scale models – you need to move fast, because the offer is only valid while stocks last.

We look forward to taking forward our partnership with you as we tackle the challenges of the next 100 years

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