New drawbar trailer type DA 34 „Roadrunner“
More volume with greater maneuverability

Farmers and contractors require more volume and payload to optimise their transport chains. Nevertheless the external dimensions and overall lengths should enable a save and comfortable shunting. The new Krampe drawbar trailer DA 34 “Roadrunner” meet these requirements.

The engineering team at Krampe managed to combine two 18 t turntable trailers into one vehicle. Regarding the volume the 9 m long “Roadrunner” provides up to 47m³ and the payload amounts approx. 24t.

Instead of a regular turntable a transport bogie with rigid drawbar was mounted, with that a tongue weight of 4 t can be transferred to the tractor vehicle. This combination can be registered with a permissible total weight of 34 t at 40 km/h or 32 t at 60 km/h, according to the German traffic regulations.

One of the big benefits in contrast to a turntable trailer is the good maneuvering ability. Driving one trailer especially on rough roads or backwards is easier than with two. Moreover working with one vehicle is more economic. The customer saves “one axle” and besides that the current expenses like insurances for one vehicle.

The new drawbar trailer DA 34 „Roadrunner“ is suitable for a year round operation. For transportation on the road, for instance in the winter, high-pressure tyres can be mounted. They are very easy to pull and therefore reduce the fuel consumption and tyre wear to a minimum.

For a combined operation on the road and on the field during the harvest, soil protection low-pressure tyres (type 560/60 R 22.5) can be used on the first axle and on the rear axles even 600/55 R 26.5 tyres. As standard, the rear one is designed as steered axle.

Due to the close wheelbase this vehicle is extremely versatile, it runs very track-following behind the tractor, this relieves driving in tight curves. The standard air suspension cares for a quiet, safe and comfortable road performance. The chassis, developed from Krampe, with big suspension bellows and cranked springs, compensates movements sideways.

In contrast to a Tridem-trailer the DA 34 “Roadrunner” has the advantage that the concerning forces which work on the rear axle of the tractor are substantially reduced, that means the tractor will not be pushed out of the curve.

During the tipping the suspension bellows release to lower onto the rear axle for support.

To control the load conditions a "lift / lowering"-valve and a manometer, which indicates the air pressure inside the air suspension, can be delivered optional. The “Roadrunner” is offered as rear tipper, alternatively it can be delivered as two side tipper, rear and one side. Silage extensions with heights of 50, 60 or 80 cm and lateral hydraulically foldable extensions complete the range. A roll-up tarp functions as load securing and protects the cargo against splashing water.

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