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RamBody action shooting during grass harvesting

Grass harvesting at the Thier dairy farm in Lembeck promised plenty of action. We had been waiting for weeks for good weather, and as the 1st May approached, the conditions were finally perfect: bright sunshine and a clear sky. A total of three Krampe push-off trailers (two- and three-axle vehicles) set out for Lembeck in the Recklinghausen district.

In order to give the fleet a uniform appearance, the company Claas provided three brand-new tractors. So, nothing else stood in the way of a successful video shoot and photo shooting. At day's first light, we started shooting, surrounded by a sunrise bathing the fields in a golden light. The perfect backdrop to accompany our RamBody and Claas tractors during grass harvesting.

The three Krampe push-off trailers were equipped with different technical features. An electronic forced steering system without drawbar sensor enabled perfect manoeuvring in the tightest spaces, while the smart ISOBUS control system ensured an automated unloading process. This proved to be a useful highlight as the driver was supported by the automatic lifting of the underride guard and subsequent opening of the rear tailgate. The unloading process was then started. A function which our test driver doesn't want to miss.

Together with the videographer Dennis Brandt, we followed each harvesting step. So, this resulted in spectacular footage in the field, on the road and at the silo. In addition to our proven models RamBody 750 and RamBody 900, a prototype was also used which delivered a routine performance during its first use.

In the end, we looked back to three harvesting days which felt less like „Labour Day" and more as an amazing shooting with a great team. Humans and technology had proven their capabilities and recompensed us with first-class footage. A successful assignment remaining long in memory.

At this point, we would like to thank the Thier dairy farm team for their uncomplicated
cooperation. This also applies to the contracting company Uhlenbrock which was on site with two powerful forage harvesters and a Xerion, among other things.

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